SETA re-opens after Covid-19 shutdown

“I am delighted to say that with a lot of hard work from a dedicated team we were able to stick to our pledge of being able to re-open our training centre on Tuesday 26th May.” said Julie Gough, Managing Director of SETA.

“Commercial testing and assessment successfully took place whilst adhering to social distancing measures and national guidance issued for educational establishments set out by Government, The Health & Safety Executive and various industry Awarding Bodies.” continued Julie.

”Risk assessments are in place for each activity taking place at both SETA centres, which were deep cleaned and redecorated ahead of opening. We have extended the closure for Apprenticeship workshop training until after 1st July, as we want to make sure that we can open safely in the workshop environment. This is subject to further review, but SETA must ensure safe delivery of all aspects of training, testing and assessment before we fully open again.”

SETA is now open for several classroom based courses. This is within strict adherence to the necessary guidelines and following the new change to operational procedures.

Mike Driscoll, Operations Director added “There is now a comprehensive new arrival procedure (including temperature checking), wearing of face coverings, reduced class sizes to ensure social distancing measures, and increased overall hygiene measures. All candidates must self-declare symptoms and under no circumstances attend training if they display any signs of the virus to reduce the risk of spreading it.”

What to expect on arriving at SETA and the new operational procedures can be found in the FAQs section on our website.

Feedback from delegates attending the centres for training since re-opening speaks for itself: “SETA could not do anything more to improve its COVID-19 procedures” and “Social distancing is done to the best possible situation”

"I’m extremely proud of our team for the vast amount of work and effort they have put into implementing the necessary measures and getting us safely open again.” concluded Julie.

Pictured: Learners attending the first CompEx classroom based course after re-opening

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