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CompEx is the globally recognised competency scheme for persons working in potentially hazardous or explosive atmospheres.  

From food and beverage or manufacturing businesses, to pharmaceutical and chemical production, or traditional power generation sectors such as oil and gas, CompEx offers a wide range of qualifications for a variety of industries which are suitable for those working in hazardous environments. 

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SETA is pleased to offer the following range of CompEx courses:

CompEx Foundation

CompEx Foundation Plus

CompEx Electrical (Units Ex01,02,03,04)

CompEx Refresher Course (Electrical)

CompEx Dust (Units Ex05 & 06)

CompEx Mechanical (Ex11)

CompEx Application Design Engineer (Ex12)

CompEx Responsible Person (Ex14)

MTEx01-MTEx04 Maritime Fuels

CompEx Resits

For further information on the CompEx Scheme, please visit the CompEx Certification website