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How can you ensure my safety when I am at SETA?

The safety and well-being of ALL those attending SETA (learners, apprentices and staff) is our priority.

We have worked hard to operationally comply with all the necessary guidance from the Education and Skills Funding agency (ESFA), the Department for Education, as well as the Health & Safety Executive and various Awarding Bodies) during the pandemic. 

With restrictions now lifted SETA continues to ensure that we operate as safely as possible.

We encourage face covering to be worn, although they are not mandatory.

Learners are also encouraged to take a Lateral Flow Test (available from local pharmacies or Doctors surgeries or orderable from The Government website) before coming on a commercial course, as you must self declare that you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms using the iPad when you sign in upon arrival at our Centres. A wrist scanner is in operation to take your temperature in reception. 

Hand sanitiser gels are available at all our buildings, and additional hand washing is still encouraged. 

These FAQs should answer any questions that you may have about your safety at SETA. If you would like to know anything else then please contact our Commercial Team who will be able to help:

Tel – 023 8077 1908
E-mail –

Download the  Change to Centre Operations document.


What should I expect on arrival at SETA?

Candidates will be sent specific joining instructions incorporating the current arrival procedures.  These can be viewed in the  Change to Centre Operations document.

Will there be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available at SETA or do I need to bring my own?

• Gloves will be provided for Candidates to wear. Face coverings, are now optional, but SETA recommends that they are worn during your time with SETA. 

• The Assessor or Tutor and all other SETA staff may wear face coverings/masks and gloves where appropriate

• New gloves will be made available throughout the course and/or Assessment to candidates and appropriate bins provided that will be emptied at regular intervals by the Assessor or Tutor and at the end of each day

• Hand sanitiser will be provide throughout the Centre for when gloves cannot be used, or it is impractical to. Candidates will be instructed to either apply hand sanitiser or wash hands at regular intervals

Do I need to bring my own equipment for my course or assessment?

• Candidates need to bring their own Calculators, pens and other required stationary items as required, which will be checked by the Assessor or Tutor for conformity on Assessments. SETA will not provide these due to the added possible spread of COVID-19.

• All tools and equipment for practical Assessments or Examinations (including electrical cables and clips etc.) will be provided to the candidate that will solely be used by them.

Does SETA provide refreshments or lunch during the course or assessment?

• Fresh drinking water is available to all candidates via a water machine with disposable cups.

• No food will be supplied by SETA. The consumption of food will only be permitted at candidates’ individual desk if agreed with the instructor, or in their cars if preferred.

• Candidates will be asked to sit in/out their vehicles to consume their food during breaks and return once finished. The rest and refreshment area will not be in general use and will not be used for breaks.

My course was cancelled during Lock down

Our Commercial Team are very busy at the moment rescheduling dates for our adult training courses and assessments.

As you can imagine this is quite a challenge as we are trying to accommodate courses that did not take place over the last couple of months, as well as rescheduling those that were due to take place in the next few weeks.

All training must now operate in compliance with guidance from the Education and Skills Funding agency (ESFA), the Department for Education, as well as various Awarding Bodies.

Our Team has contacted delegates that were booked to attend, and are now offering new dates to these candidates first.

Any courses with spaces will be advertised on our website and social media. However, these will be snapped up! So please make sure that you contact the Commercial Team to make a booking or to register your interest in a particular course or assessment to make sure that you are one of the first to know of new dates.

When will the next course be available?

Your first port of call for any courses should be our website, where you will be able to find any dates for our commercial courses. If you cannot find what you are looking for or require further information please contact our Commercial Team:

Tel – 023 8077 1908
E-mail –

I have booked a course, but I am unable to attend any more

Candidates are advised not to travel to SETA and partake in any Courses or Assessment if they claim to be showing symptoms of Covid-19 to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus. You will need to contact our Commercial Team to discuss your individual situation, but we will work with you to re-book your course for the earliest possible opportunity.>

Tel – 023 8077 1908
E-mail –

My CCNSG Safety Passport expired during Lockdown

The CCNSG Safety Passport expires after three years from the date of the national or renewal course. Candidates will need to renew the Safety Passport by attending a one day renewal course up to three months after the safety passport card has expired. After that, candidates will be required to sit the two-day national course again.

In light of the Covid-19 crisis, the ECITB extended the renewal window for the CCNSG card from 3 months after expiry to 6 months for a period of time.  This window has now reverted back to the usual 3 months.
The ECITB continues to review this situation.

I have lost my Safety Passport card

SETA is able to arrange for a replacement card if you successfully obtained your Safety Passport with us. There is a fee for this, and as long as it is still within its expiry date, a new photograph will need to be taken at our centre, and the usual procedure followed to be issued with a card from the ECITB.

My CompEx certificate has expired or is due to expire

The CompEx Scheme is the recognised global scheme for the protection of workers anywhere that explosive atmospheres exist. The CompEx Scheme provides competency validation of individuals across a range of disciplines and different hazards to help create a safer workplace. The scheme assesses the competency of employees and contract staff who are working in environments with the potential risk of explosive atmospheres.
All CompEx certificates are issued with an expiry date and it is important that practitioners attend a CompEx course before that date if they want to retain their certification. Any future re-certification will start from the original expiry date.

This Certificate Extension Process still applies to those certificates which have an expiry date from 17th March 2020 until 31st March 2021, or to those candidates who are due to re-sit any assessments. Given that most centres are now open or have immediate plans to open we expect candidates where possible to have made a course booking before their normal or previously extended certificate expiry date. The certificate extension process only applies to candidates who are able demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Certification Body that, for the reasons described above they have been unable to secure a course booking.

You MUST seek further guidance by following the link below to see what you will need to provide to the CompEx Certification Body:

My AM2 or AM2S assessment was cancelled due to Lockdown

Our AM2 Team contacted all candidates with booked assessments.  These have now been rescheduled.  Please note however that our AM2 Assessment Centre is always very busy and bookings are usually made several months in advance.

I am unable to attend my AM2 or AM2S assessment

Candidates are advised not to travel to SETA and partake in any Courses or Assessment if they claim to be showing symptoms of Covid-19 to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus. You will need to contact the AM2 Assessment Centre to discuss your individual situation, but we will work with you to re-book your assessment for the earliest possible opportunity.

Tel – 023 8087 8304
E-mail –




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