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How long will an Engineering Apprenticeship take?

All apprenticeships now follow what is called a 'Standard'. This outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) required to carry out certain job roles.  All apprentices must take an independent assessment (End Point Assessment- EPA) at the end of their training to demonstrate the KSBs set out in the occupational standard.

As Standards are 'employer-led', each employer specifies exactly what is required from an apprentice working for that particular role in their company. 

The average engineering apprenticeship lasts about 3 1/2 years.  

Generally the standards (the type of pathway that you will follow as an apprentice) ranges between 39 - 48 months.  

 SETA has the widest choice of engineering apprenticeships in Hampshire. We currently deliver apprenticeships to the following engineering standards:




General Welder

18 months




Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician

42 months

Engineering Fitter

46 months

Engineering Technician
(various pathways)

45 months 

Installation Electrician /
Maintenance Electrician

48 months

Engineering Design & Draughtsperson

45 months

Metal Fabricator

45 months

Plate Welder

39 months

Pipe Welder

48 months

Science Industry Maintenance Technician

36 months





Engineering Manufacturing Technician

45 months


 The last few months of your apprenticeship will be spent working towards your End Point Assessment (EPA) once you have passed through your Gateway. 

You will only proceed through your Gateway when you, as the apprentice, your employer, and SETA, as your Training Provider are in agreement that you are ready.  You will then be able to do your final series of assessments to complete your apprenticeship.  All 3 parties must agree before you go to the next stage.


Have a read through our case studies so that you can get a feel for what engineering apprentices actually do, what their typical day can involve and why they chose to do an apprenticeship.

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