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Who are SETA?

The Southampton Engineering Training Association (SETA) was established in 1969 specifically to train engineering apprentices.  

SETA was established in 1969 as a Company Limited by Guarantee (not for profit with no issued shares) and is a registered charity (Charity Commission No 307299), directed by an executive council of leaders elected by our members. 

The training centre in Millbrook, Southampton was opened by Earl Mountbatten of Burma and has continuously managed apprenticeship programmes and delivered upskilling and engineering training to both apprentices and adults.

Today, we have over two hundred and fifty apprentices on programme with us.

Engineering Apprenticeships

Become an Apprentice

Engineering Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification, whilst being in employment.

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Employ an Apprentice

Employers - Find an Apprentice

SETA help you recruit the right person to choosing the appropriate qualifications and supporting you throughout the Apprenticeship.

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Industry Training Courses

Wide Range of Courses

SETA offer a wide range of courses for industry including adult courses. Find out how we can help you by following the link below.

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