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Responsible Person
Unit Ex14



29th July - 2nd August 2024
14-18th October 2024 - Full 
11-15th November 2024



The CompEx Ex14 Responsible Persons qualification has been developed in consultation with industry to ensure the core competence of the responsible person. This refers to those in senior supervisory roles, i.e. persons directly responsible for the management of staff, processes and procedures relating to potentially explosive atmospheres, electrical and non-electrical (mechanical) equipment, protective systems and installations.

The course aims to ensure that ‘Responsible Persons’ as defined in IEC60079-14 and/or IEC60079-17 have the knowledge, skills and competencies to enable them to meet the requirements of these IEC standards, relevant directives and national laws.

The qualification will assess the level of competency of the individual with regards to these standards to enable them to manage operatives who are involved in selection, erection, inspection and maintenance duties of equipment remains in explosive atmospheres. The content includes theoretical application for the various aspects of the role.  Experience and feedback received has shown that candidates gain a great deal from the guided discussions, so participation is actively encouraged.

Candidates who successfully pass will receive a CompEx E- Certificate in Core Competence. 


  1. Appropriate Legal Requirements
  2. Application of relevant standards
  3. Requirements of 60079-14 - Annex A "Knowledge, skills and competencies"
  4. Requirements of 60079-17 - Annex B "Knowledge, skills and competencies"
  5. Ignition sources
  6. Practical understanding of explosion protection principles and techniques
  7. Working knowledge and understanding of relevant standards in explosion protection such as IEC 60079 Parts 10-1; 10-2; 14, 17
  8. Safe working procedures for explosive atmospheres
  9. Inspection and Remedial Action Strategy
  10. Qualitative Analysis for periodic inspections as detailed in Annex A of 60079-17
  11. Simple quantitative methodology for the prioritisation of remedial actions
  12. Competency criteria and assessment for persons undertaking installation, maintenance and inspection activities.
  13. Overview of IEC 60079-19 - repair


Assessment is undertaken using a multiple-choice and an applied knowledge exam that covers the full Ex14 unit. For part of the assessment, candidates are expected to demonstrate their understanding by using documentation and information available to determine the correct answer.

Exam - The exam is split into two sections with a short break in-between:

Section 1 – Theory based exam (41 questions, 1.5 hours)
Section 2 – Applied knowledge exam (19 questions, 1 hour)



This qualification is suitable for persons in managerial or supervisory roles who are directly responsible for the management of staff (including sub-contractors), processes and procedures relating to explosive atmospheres, such as, equipment, protective systems and installations.

Five days

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