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Unit Ex11



13-15th May 2024
15-17th May 2024


Please note that courses will only be delivered if minimum delegate numbers are met


This course is to determine the core competency of mechanical personnel.  It is the CompEx certification for mechanical operatives where gas, vapours and dust can create explosive atmospheres. The aim is to provide mechanical personnel with the knowledge of potentially hazardous explosive atmospheres. 

EX 11 meets with the competency requirements for operatives working with mechanical equipment through a combination of BS EN 13463 & BS EN ISO 80079 standards   

The course covers the following areas:

  1. Directives and Legislation
  2. Area Classification
  3. Equipment for use in Hazardous Areas
  4. Gas Groups
  5. Temperature Classification
  6. Basic Principles of Flammable Compounds
  7. Protection Methods of non-electrical Equipment
  8. Inspection and Maintenance of Bearings
  9. Lubrication
  10. Seals
  11. Couplings
  12. Belt Drives
  13. Upper and Lower Flammability Levels
  14. Light Metals
  15. Inspection types and Grades
  16. Mechanical Containment
  17. Recommendations on Thread Engagement
  18. Cavitation
  19. Vibration
  20. Fluid Groups
  21. Flash Points and Ignition Temperatures


Assessment is undertaken using both practical assessments and an online examination that covers the CompEx units Ex F and Ex11. The assessment is held on the third day of the course and will include one on-line multi choice exam and a practical inspection exercise, involving both visual and close inspections of mechanical equipment.  There is also an installation component within the assessment which requires the demonstration of safe and competent practice while working on process pipework.

Online exam - Candidates must undertake a multiple-choice online examination that consists of 60 questions answered over 1.5 hours.

Practical Assessments - Candidates are required to undertake two practical assessments:

Ex11 – Flange Integrity Installation and leak test – 60 minutes
Ex11 – Pumpset inspections (visual and detailed) – 60 minutes

Candidates who are successful in both the theory and practical assessments will receive a CompEx E- Certificate in Core Competence. 


This qualification is suitable for practicing mechanical operatives who are involved in installing, inspecting and maintaining non-electrical (mechanical) equipment in locations where gases, vapours and/or dusts can potentially create a hazardous area.

Three days

SETA, First Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton, SO15 0LJ



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"Everything was laid out in a clean environment, so it was easy to identify what tools etc. were needed."

"The glanding exercise was good for awareness and also good to break up the classroom based learning. The course duration is good as there is so much to take in, the breaks and reasonable finish times help a lot."

"Really enjoyed. Well recommend"

"Practical rigs were good exercises, which were set up and executed well."