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12-14th June 2024
24-26th June 2024
8-10th July 2024


The CompEx Foundation Plus qualification, is an alternative to the CompEx Foundation qualification. This course covers the same theory-based learning, but also includes practical training that allows candidates to learn the correct techniques for glanding and terminating low voltage cables in hazardous locations.

This is the latest training unit developed to give a full understanding of the requirements of working safely in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The Ex F CompEx Foundation course provides candidates with an understanding of the regulations, directives and standards associated with locations containing hazardous atmospheres.  It has been designed to provide an introduction into potentially explosive or flammable environments where gases, vapours and dust can form a hazardous atmosphere. 

Candidates will receive an overview of hazardous area classification, safe working practices and basic protection concepts used for certifying Ex equipment. It covers the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR 2002) and risk assessments. 

This course provides an overview of where gases, vapours or dust could potentially create an explosive or flammable atmosphere, how hazardous areas are classified, the safe working practices that should be followed and the basic protection concepts used for certifying Ex equipment.

The course uses a combination of theoretical and applied learning:, including how to correctly identify, install and terminate certified Ex cable glands and conductors.  The practical element means that the qualifications is primarily aimed at technical personnel who wish to develop their abilities before undertaking more technical CompEx qualifications.



This qualification is suitable for non-technical personnel who require an understanding of basic Ex principles, and recently qualified technicians who wish to develop their knowledge before undertaking more technical CompEx qualifications.  It is designed specifically for electrical supervisors, Contract Managers and Senior Management, to enable a greater appreciation of COMP'EX core competency and the promotion of safe working. It is suitable for electrical or instrumentation technicians who are new to working in hazardous areas, trainees, and recently qualified technicians who wish to develop their knowledge of working safely in hazardous areas.

With its practical element the CompEx Foundation Plus qualification is ideal for those considering the Ex01-Ex04 Gas and Vapours qualification, which includes a number of practical elements.

Candidates who are successful in both the theory and practical assessments will receive a CompEx E- Certificate in Core Competence. 


Online Exam - This consists of a multiple choice exam - 30 questions to be answered in a 45 minute period.

Practical assessment - Candidates must complete an installation where they will be required to gland and terminate one SWA/SWB cable and one non-armoured cable into an enclosure (duration 1.5hrs).


Three days 

SETA, Second Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton, SO15 0LP



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