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EX01 - EX04 Refresher Course
Electrical Units



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Candidates who have already completed the full CompEx Electrical course should take the Refresher course every five years.

If the certificate is no longer current (i.e. outside five years), then the full Ex01-Ex04 course must be completed.

The Comp’Ex Refresher Course is intended for personnel who wish to update and/or refresh their knowledge and skills of electrical and instrumentation crafts within potentially explosive atmospheres in onshore and offshore situations.

The Refresher course contains training and assessment that, upon satisfactory completion, will lead to the renewal of the certificate of core competence for those personnel who have previously completed the corresponding modules (EX01, EX02, EX03, EX04) of the basic Comp’Ex course.

Please note that the course has been substantially changed and updated and is now a three day course. This allows time for new practical exams and longer theory exams.

Candidates who are successful in both the theory and practical assessments will receive a CompEx E- Certificate in Core Competence. Candidates are required to take the CompEx Electrical Refresher course every five years in order to remain current.

To confirm the understanding of:

  1. Properties of flammable gas and liquids and zonal classification
  2. Principles of protection afforded by Ex’d, ‘e, ‘n, ‘p, ‘l, ‘q, ‘m, ‘o and ‘s apparatus.
  3. Selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of Ex’d, ‘e, ‘n, ‘p, and ‘l apparatus and systems and their hybrids.
  4. Certification and marking of apparatus.

And update changes relevant to the installer and inspection/maintenance personnel in the:

  1. European directives
  2. Ex apparatus standards
  3. Ex installation, inspection and maintenance standards
  4. Relations between BS:5345 and corresponding IEC/CENELEC standards
  5. Marking of apparatus


  1. Installation section test (selection board including motors) - new
  2. Make off two glands (practically assessed)
  3. Ex inspection on real equipment
  4. Online assessment - 60 questions

NB: If candidates do not have a copy of the LATEST 7th Edition The Practitioner's Handbook No 186. This can be purchased from SETA on request at the cost of £95.00

Three days

SETA, First Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton, SO15 0LJ



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