National Vocation Qualifications (NVQs)



An NVQ is a work-based qualification that recognises the skills and knowledge a person needs to do a job. The candidate needs to demonstrate and prove their competency in their chosen role or career path.

Candidates need to demonstrate that they have the suitable skills, knowledge and understanding to carry out the tasks associated with their job role. These can be individually and as part of a team.

There are no specific entry requirements, you just need to be doing the role so that a portfolio can be put together to show your ability.

An NVQ can be completed at your own pace as there is no set time limit on their completion. 



 For the individual

  • • It allows you to expand your knowledge and fulfil your career goals
    • A flexible route to becoming qualified in the workplace with no examinations
    • A practical demonstration of the individual’s skills, knowledge and understanding – something that employers look for
    • Certification to demonstrate you have met a national standard for an occupational role without having to sit any exams
    • Improved employability and transferability
    • Access to recognised qualifications for employees with no other formal education
    • Puts work-based credentials on your CV
    • Allows you to learn while you earn

    For the employer
    • An effective way of developing staff to a nationally recognised standard which results in improved efficiency
    • Proof of the candidate's capability to do their job as it is based on what they can do rather than what they know
    • On the job training and evidence gathering, therefore less downtime from the employee
    • Demonstrates a commitment to quality both internally and externally to customers
    • Ensures employees are up to date with industry standards and best practice



NVQs are competency-based and the candidate produces evidence of what they do in their work situation.  This is assessed in your workplace against the relevant occupational standard by our dedicated teams of Assessors via:

A portfolio – This contains evidence of the tasks, duties and achievements carried out at work.  Candidates must be able to demonstrate their skills are current and prove their competency.

Observation – Assessors will watch to make sure that candidates are capable of completing the tasks and duties involved in their role.

Our team of Worked Based Learning Assessors are here to support candidates through their every step of their NVQ journey.



SETA offer a wide range of engineering based NVQs:

  • - Mechanical
  • - Electrical
  • - Fluid Power
  • - Engineered Systems
  • - Servicing Medical Equipment
  • - Instrumentation & Control
  • - Manual Machining
  • - CNC Machining
  • - Fitting & Assembly
  • - Spring Making
  • - Photonics Engineering
  • - Engineering Drawing
  • - Integrated Business Operational Support
  • - Equipment Installation (Electrical/Electronic)
  • - Manual Welding
  • - Sheet Metalworking
  • - Plate Welding
  • - Pipe and Tube Fabrication
  • - Manufacturing Electrical Motors & Generators
  • - Electrotechnical - Installation
  • - Electrotechnical Maintenance
  • - Electrotechnical - Experienced Worker



For a limited period of 3 months SETA is offering NVQs for £3,000+vat. This is a saving of £1,000 on our usual fee.  It includes both the registration and completion fee as well which makes it an even better offer!

Our £3,000 for 3 months offer is available between 1st May to 31 July 2022.



If you would like to apply or to find out more please contact our Sales Team via e-mail or telephone (023) 8077 1908.