Electrical Assessment

AM2 / AM2s


FORTHCOMING COURSE DATES: Assessments held weekly; please contact us to check availability and book. Now booking into MARCH 2021

A licensed National Electrotechnical Training (NET) practical assessment. 

This practical assessment falls under 3 separate categories, and MUST be taken by the following candidates: 


Apprentices / Experienced workers who are approaching the end of their training


AM2 / AM2s End Point Assessment


Electrotechnical apprentices who are training against the Apprenticeship Framework or those who are on an Experienced Worker Programme


AM2 / AM2s



Electrotechnical apprentices who are training against the Apprenticeship Standard.




NET have comprehensive information on their own website. Please make sure that you read the candidate guidance on NET website before booking your assessment to make sure that you are ready for the assessment, and to make sure that you book onto the correct one!

Candidates MUST complete a Candidate Self Assessment Checklist which can be downloaded from the NET website, as well as the registration form which will be sent out via e-mail from SETA.

These will both need to be completed and signed by: 

  1. the candidate
  2. their employer (unless you are an independent candidate)
  3. their training provider representative (usually the college where you are studying, unless you are an independent candidate)

Both forms must be completed and sent back to us to enable the checklist to be approved and a date will then be offered. Failure to send in either of the forms will result in a delay of your booking.

To book your assessment please email am2@seta-training.co.uk



All gateway applications for AM2 must include evidence of enrolment on/achievement of a relevant Level 3 competence based qualification (for example, C&G 2357, EAL 1605, JIB Mature Candidate Assessment). Evidence of alternative or historical qualifications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

 Candidates without the relevant technical qualifications who are working as practising electricians will need to refer to the Experienced Worker Assessment which provides a route for recognising their knowledge and experience.

Should you have any questions regarding the AM2 assessment please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the NET website. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, then contact the AM2 Administrator at SETA.



SETA offers an AM2 preparation course. This is either a one or two day revision course for candidates who wish to sit the full AM2 test. It is highly recommended, as a greater percentage of candidates succeed in the AM2 having attended a revision session.



  1. Isolation & Risk Assessment
  2. Composite Installation
  3. Inspection & Testing the Installation
  4. Safe Isolation
  5. Fault Diagnosis & Rectification
  6. Online Exam

Three days

 Price on application via e-mail am2@seta-training.co.uk
Re-sits - price on application for the elements required please e-mail am2@seta-training.co.uk



To find out more about the assessments or to book , please contact the AM2 Administrator:


023 8087 8304 or 

You can also request a call back to find out more about the assessments.