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Covid-19 Restrictions 

To manage outbreaks of Covid-19, suppress the virus and keep the ‘R’ number below 1, the
government is committed to ensuring the right levels of intervention are in the right places across

This page will be updated with the latest information on tier restrictions within the
Southampton/Hampshire area, with links to the appropriate Government website.


Update 27 Jan 2022

It is no longer legally necessary to wear face coverings in any setting, however, here at SETA, we strongly encourage you to continue to wear a face covering if you so wish to do so, but to  also respect the decisions of others who chose not to. 

We will continue to adopt all available sensible precautions available to help mitigate the spread of the virus e.g. regular hand washing, giving space, regular cleaning and many other good practices learned over the pandemic.

Update 20 Jan 2022

Due to a further change in Government Guidelines, face masks are no longer required in the workshops or classrooms.  They are still required in communal areas such as walkways in the workshop, corridors and the canteen.

Update 17 Jan 2022

The required isolation period has been cut further to just 5 days.  This rule applies regardless of a person's vaccination status.

You can now take an LFD test on day 5 of your isolation. If this is negative, you can take a test 24hrs later on day 6.  Assuming this is also negative, and you do not have symptoms, you can immediately leave isolation.  If you still test positive on these days, you must isolate until you have 2 negative tests on consecutive days, or after 10 days.

If you have symptoms, you must isolate and book a PCR test.

Update 4 Dec 2021

From today all individuals (staff, commercial customers, visitors & apprentices) are required to wear face coverings at all times in any location around SETA.  This includes classrooms, workshops and all practical activities..  This is following Government guidance for an educational establishment.

Update 13 Dec 2021

From 13 Dec it is mandatory to were face coverings in and around SETA, including classrooms, for all individuals (staff, commercial customers, visitors & apprentices).

SETAs own risk assessments have identified that in the following areas face coverings are NOT required in the workshop: Machining section whilst operating machinery, Welding area when performing welding, gas cutting, brazing etc.

Within the workshops face coverings are required in all other areas: Bench fitting/Mechanical Maintenance, Pipefitting, Fabrication, Electrical, PLC/Electronics, CompEx Mechanical area, as well as all areas the AM2 centre and CompEx Electrical area.

Update 30 Nov 2021

From 30 Nov,  due to the increasing levels of Covid-19 infections, and the new Omicron variant, SETA will be temporarily put into place.

Facemasks MUST be worn in all communal areas at all times by all individuals at SETA.

BTEC/HNC groups and classes should wear face covering at all times even whilst in a classroom.

Visitors to SETA MUST wear a face covering at all times in all areas.  This include employers when visiting apprentices.

Lateral Flow Testing is encouraged three times a week.  Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings before attending the Centre.

If any individual displays any symptoms, however small, they must stay at home and book a PCR test as quickly as possible.  Those who test positive with the new 'Omicron' variant will be notified of this, as will those having been in close contact via Test & Trace.  These individuals will need to self isolate/PCR test even if vaccinated.

Visits and reviews by Assessors and IQA's should be conducted via MS Teams wherever possible.

SETA will continue with best safety & hygiene practises including ventilation in communal classrooms/offices, as well as promotion of regular handwashing & use of sanitisers.

For the latest Covid-19 guidelines for educational settings please visit:

Update 19 July 2021

From 19 July, England will move to Step 4 of the roadmap, and sees restrictions lifted.  SETA will be following the guidelines for educational settings. 

Our Operational Procedures will still include temperature taking when signing in, and Lateral Flow Testing will continue to be carried out.  The need to maintain social distancing no longer applies, and the wearing of face masks is not mandatory, but is recommend in our centres.

Please be vigilant and remember that the pandemic is not over yet.

Update 21 June 2021

21 June was meant to mark the end of Covid-19 measures in England.  But lockdown restrictions will continue until 19 July after the Government delayed the final stage of England's Roadmap to control the spread of the Delta Variant.

Update 14 May 2021

From 17 May, the Government has announced that Step 3 of the Roadmap for the easing of restrictions out of lockdown can go ahead as planned.  As part of this SETA will be following the revised set of guidelines for use in educational settings.

The main one of which will be that face coverings can be removed in classrooms (when 2m apart), but must be worn in workshops, corridors and communal 'moving' around areas.

Tutors can be asked about the new operational procedures.

Covid-19 Corona-Virus Restrictions - is the Government webpage to find out what you can and cannot do from 17 May.

Further information on future easing can be found on the Government Covid-19 Spring 2021 Summary

Update 19 April 2021

From 19 April SETA will be carrying out Asymptomatic Testing of ALL individuals entering any of the SETA buildings.  Details on how these will be carried out can be found on the SETA  Covid-19 update page.

Update 22 February 2021

The Government’s announcement on 22nd February 2021 confirmed the easing of lockdown restrictions as part of a gradual roadmap for reopening the country.

As a result of this SETA will be re-opening our workshops to apprentices from the 8th March on a phased return basis. Not all apprentices will be returning on this date. Both employers and apprentices will be contacted separately to advise of specific arrangements.

See workshop training to recommence for apprentices.

Update 4 January 2021

As coronavirus cases are rising rapidly across the country from 5 January 2021, The Prime Minister has announced a new national lockdown for England - with people instructed to "stay at home" as they did during last March's first shutdown.   It is expected that this will last until the middle of February.

Guidance can be found on the new national lockdown on the Government website.

Update 30th December 2020

On the 31 December all of Hampshire will move to tier 4 (Stay at Home).

Update 23rd December 2020

On the 26th December all districts within the Hampshire County Council area currently in Tier 2 (High alert) will move to tier 4 (Stay at Home), with the exception of the local authority area of the New Forest which will move to tier 3 (Very High alert). The local authority areas of Gosport and Havant will remain in tier 4. 

This is due to exponential rises in cases in the South East of England.

Update 20th December 2020

Following the Government announcement on the 20th of December 2020, most of Hampshire is to be unchanged and will remain under tier 2 restrictions– this includes Southampton.  However, Portsmouth, Havant and Gosport will move to tier 4 restrictions.

Update 17th December 2020

Following the Government announcement on the 17th of December 2020, most of Hampshire is to be unchanged and will remain under tier 2 restrictions– this includes Southampton.  Portsmouth, Havant and Gosport will move to tier 3 restrictions

Update 26th November 2020

Although the national lockdown brought transmission of the virus back under control, as of the 2nd of December England will apply tighter restrictions placing some areas of the country under tighter measures to help curb the spread of the virus.

Hampshire is to go into a tier 2 restriction as it is an area with a higher or rapidly rising level of infections, and it is considered that some additional restrictions need to be in place.

Update 31st October 2020

Between 5th – 26th  November England will be going into a 2nd Lockdown.  In September and October, the virus spread rapidly in all parts of the country. The government responded with new national restrictions.

As an education establishment SETA is to remain open under strict guidelines


What restrictions apply in each tier area?

There are a series of posters available as PDF's on the Government website displaying information about tiers 1 to 4 in England.  These show what you can and cannot do within each tier in a simplified format.  

Why the Government is introducing tiers

The government replace them on 2 December with a regionally-differentiated approach, where different tiers of restrictions apply in different parts of the country.

These tiers will be strengthened compared to the previous tiers in order to prevent a return to growing infections. We know that social contact spreads the virus. We need to impose these restrictions and it is right to target the toughest measures only in the areas where the virus is most prevalent or where we are seeing sharper increases in the rate of infection.



Where to go for information from the Government 

The following link to the Government Guidance on local restrictions provides information and guidance on what restrictions apply in your individual area.  It includes details of what you can and cannot do within each tier.  It is the most up-to-date and current source of information.

Full list of local restriction tiers by area


Where to go for information from Hampshire County Council

Information from Hampshire County Council on local restrictions can be found on their website.

Councillor Keith Mans, Leader of Hampshire County Council and Chair of the Local Outbreak Engagement Board said: “The decision to place Hampshire in the COVID-19 High Tier (Tier 2) is not unexpected but is a reflection of the fact that we still have some way to go in controlling the virus.

“It is vitally important that we continue to follow the rules to help keep the virus under control as we head further into winter."

Should you have any concerns before attending SETA or show any symptoms please contact us:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
T: 023 8077 1908




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