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Online Learning and Remote Education

In line with government guidance from 5 January 2021 ALL apprentices will be switched to remote (online) learning.  This will be up until the 22nd February 2021, but will be subject to review and change.

Learning will be tailored to suit each individual apprentice, depending on trade-skill discipline and position in training. If required, we can provide material according to accessibility needs and are able to deliver/collect portfolio work and make use of digital technology where this is possible.

Whilst there are fundamental limitations towards completing elements of practical training, technical training and written activities supporting practical training (e.g. log-book entries, written reports) can be achieved remotely. SETA believe in fair and equal opportunity to training and assessment so as not to put apprentices at a disadvantage. However, it is our expectation that all apprentices on remote learning make contact with SETA and confirm progress made towards learning objectives on a daily basis.

ALL Technical Training (BTEC & HNC courses) will switch to remote learning during this period. Our Learning Programmes Manager, Steve Paynter, or a member of his team will be in contact with our apprentices regarding this.  Learning will be via Teams and Google Classroom.  The format of training will be a mix of live sessions and recorded sessions with associated resources.

ALL NVQ Monitoring Visits to the workplace will switch to remote activity. Our Quality & Compliance Manager, Pete Hurlstone, or a member of his Team will be in contact with our apprentices regarding this.

Apprentices will still be "in learning" and we ask that each apprentice keeps in close contact with their instructor(s) to ensure that they complete any outstanding written work and tasks that they have been set. A member of our Apprenticeship Team will also be contacting our apprentices once a week to see how things are going generally.

Our Safeguarding Team will always be available if you need to talk to someone about a safeguarding or well being matter.  They can be contacted on or by calling the dedicated safeguarding mobile on 07594 299517.  

Should any apprentice require assistance to work remotely, we ask that they make contact separately.


Consequential action may be taken against individual(s) who fail to satisfy these arrangements.

This is all subject to further guidance. Apprentices are expected to keep in regular contact.  Please follow our social media channels for any updates.


Should you need to contact SETA with regards to remote learning, the following members of staff can be contacted:

The Senior member of staff responsible for overseeing remote learning is Steve Paynter, Learning Programmes Manager.  Should you wish to contact him you can do so by e-mailing

The Senior member of staff responsible for overseeing quality and compliance is Pete Hurlstone, Quality & Compliance Manager. Should you wish to contact him you can do so by e-mailing

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