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Hants and Dorset Trim

Hants and Dorset Trim is the industry leader in the bus refurbishment sector, providing a one stop shop for refurbishment and repair requirements. With 50 years’ experience in the bus industry we appreciate how important apprentices are to our business. An apprentice can bring a fresh pair of eyes to projects while learning their trade.

Within our company our apprentices get to work in various areas of the business including refurbishment, vehicle conversions, accident repairs, working in the paint shop, as well as in the trim shop. This enables them to gain the necessary experience for their ‘on the job’ training and allows them to develop their own skills which are relevant to our organisation. They are part of the team from the outset and help us to deliver consistently high levels of service and quality products. Once the apprenticeship is completed there are great career opportunities ahead! Several of our own employees are time served apprentices – so we practise what we preach.

We use SETA for all of our apprentices as they offer a first-class service right from the start, offering great support in the recruitment process through to providing everything that our apprentices require for off the job workshop training.  When they arrive with us after their initial time at SETA, our apprentices arrive already having gained a good understanding of Workplace Health and Safety and valuable basic tool handling skills which allows them the opportunity to hit the ground running !!! not wasting anytime on their 4-year journey to become one of our highly skilled engineers,  From its great workshop facilities to its dedicated staff SETA is a fantastic training partner for our apprenticeship scheme.


Read about one of our apprentices Korey in his case study.



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Engineering Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification, whilst being in employment.

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SETA help you recruit the right person to choosing the appropriate qualifications and supporting you throughout the Apprenticeship.

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SETA offer a wide range of courses for industry including adult courses. Find out how we can help you by following the link below.

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