Case Study - Abbie
Apprentice Maintenance Engineer

Associated British Ports

 What does an average day look like for you?

An average day for me can vary greatly – one day I might be attending a breakdown on one of our eight Gottwald cranes, or another day I may be servicing an airbridge. However, we have hundreds of assets and equipment on the port that we have to maintain, so every day is usually very different.


What personal qualities do you think are important to do your job?

In my job I think one of the main qualities is having good communication, especially when working/operating the cranes. I also think being able to become a constant learner, and being able to adapt to new ways and technologies.


What personal qualities do you think are important to do your job?

A couple of things made me become interested in engineering – firstly is my dad and sister who are both engineers and hearing their stories when they got back home each day made me become more attracted to engineering. Also I participated in a couple of STEM events at my secondary school such as the Sci-Tech challenge which sparked my interest.


What has been your personal highlight so far?

My personal highlight so far would probably be winning SETA’s “Apprentice of the Year” award in 2018.


Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I didn’t want to do the typical school, college and then university route. With an apprenticeship you are employed from the start and therefore earning a salary, whilst learning and completing your BTEC and NVQ, and in my case gaining my HNC also, all whilst gaining valuable experience at the same time.


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