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SETA is a provider of Vocational and Technical Knowledge qualifications, both regulated and self-regulated. Learners attending SETA can be as young as 13 years of age who will mix with other Learners much older in age.

SETA is therefore committed to safeguarding the interests of all individuals who attend SETA for training. SETA believes that anyone who participates in any learning activities is entitled to do so in an environment that is both safe and enjoyable.


SETA aims to safeguard all individuals by:

Valuing them, listening to and respecting them

Maintaining policy, procedures and a code of conduct (where applicable) for staff and representatives

Recruiting representatives safely by ensuring all necessary checks are made in line with current government guidance and legislation

Updating staff and representatives on the relevant policy and procedures and providing access to relevant information

Ensuring that all assessments, communications, documentation, records, materials, personnel deployment, processes and procedures in no way undermine the interests of children and adults but actively seek to protect them

Respecting confidentiality whilst sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know and appropriately involving parents, carers, children and adults

Providing effective support and management for staff and representatives

SETA’s safeguarding policy serves to protect all individuals, including staff and representatives from unsubstantiated allegations of improper conduct.

A full copy of SETA’s Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded here

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