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PREVENT Training takes place at SETA

Alamgir Sheriyar, otherwise known as Sheri - HE/FE Regional Prevent Co-ordinator for the South East, put staff, apprentices and members from the Board of Trustees at SETA through their paces when they attended one of several WRAP workshop sessions on Safeguarding and Prevent.

 WRAP stands for Workshop on Raising Awareness of Prevent. The sessions were a 'safe' environment where those attending were able to speak freely and ask any questions.  Everyone found their session incredibly useful and thought provoking, with some challenging topics being discussed.

What is PREVENT?

PREVENT is part of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop the radicalisation of vulnerable young people and adults before it happens - preventing them from being manipulated and coerced into extremist ideologies.

Just like safeguarding, our commitment to PREVENT extends to you when you are working or training at SETA.
Terrorism and extremism come in many forms. Some groups that may aim to radicalise vulnerable young people and adults include:
• International related extremism
• Irish Republican Army
• Animal Rights
• Neo-Nazi and other far right groups
• Any group violently opposed to British Values/Society

If you have suspicions about anyone being radicalised, please inform our safeguarding team immediately.

PREVENT is not about accusing anyone, but rather protecting vulnerable young people and adults.

How does PREVENT relate to British Values?
Training providers have been required to promote British Values since 2014, and this will continue to be pat of the response to the Prevent strategy.

British Values include:
• Democracy
• The rule of law
• Individual liberty
• Mutual Respect
• Tolerance of different faith & beliefs

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised above, you can do so in strictest confidence by contacting a member of the SETA Safeguarding Team via: or telephone 07594 299517

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