Apprenticeship vacancies to start in September 2021


Employers are starting to have more confidence as we head towards a post Covid Recovery.  With the opening up of Covid-19 restrictions on the horizon more and more employers are thinking about their future workforce, and are looking to take on apprentices.

With that in mind many local firms are turning to SETA to help them with the recruitment of these apprentices.  Firms such Visa Europe Ltd, Ajax Machine Tools International, Garbuio, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent and Hants & Dorset Trim to name a few are all looking to recruit engineering apprentices to start in September 21.

For all the roles the initial off-the-job training will take place in the workshops at SETA where the apprentices will perform engineering operations akin to their job role.  These will have been determined by the employer in consultation with The Apprenticeship Team at SETA.  The time at SETA can be anywhere from a 16 week period to a whole academic year of 40 weeks. It depends on the needs of the business and their requirements.

One day a week will be dedicated to a theory qualification either a BTEC or HNC, depending on the prior attainment of the apprentice.  This technical certificate will take place over a two year period, and will continue on a day release basis once back in the work place.

Apprenticeships these days are 'employer-led', and follow a programme called a 'Standard'. These are industry specific and have been set by employers.  But all contain a statutory requirement of 20% of the apprentices time being devoted to off-the-job training to gain the skills and behaviours required by the specific Apprenticeship Standard.

Most apprentices start their training with SETA in September.  However we do also have an intake in October, and then the next big intake in March again, all to help with the business needs of our local employers.

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice then have a look at the Apprentice Vacancies page as this details all the current roles that SETA is helping to recruit for.

If you are an employer that is thinking of taking on an apprentice then visit our Recruit an Apprentice section of the website to find out more.  And with current Government incentives available there has never been a better time to do so!


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