SETA Membership

Many companies who use SETA’s services have found it beneficial to become members of our association and help us to develop training programmes to meet their own needs and those of local employers. Member companies paid a small fee for the services offered, and SETA were able to offer discounted rates to these companies on commercial courses.

 Recently it has become increasingly difficult to offer discounted rates due to the Awarding Bodies capping the course fees, so we have made the decision to offer all our existing account customers complimentary membership to our association. As a member company of SETA we will be able to update you with details of courses we offer and you will be invited to our Annual General Meeting where you will be able to influence SETA’s future direction, and be eligible to stand as a Trustee of SETA if you wish.

 For those who are not current members, below is a brief description of our organisation and the duties of the Board of Trustees.

 SETA was established in 1970 as a Company Limited by Guarantee (not for profit with no issued shares) and is a registered charity. Membership of the association is drawn from local companies to the Southampton area with a requirement to employ staff with engineering skills. Since it was established, the company has continuously managed apprenticeship programmes and delivered associated upskilling and engineering training.  The company delivers a range of commercial courses for the engineering sector alongside the apprenticeship programmes it offers.

 The Board of Trustees is comprised of non-executive Directors representing member companies and executive Directors from SETA who maintain the objectives of the charity and oversee the legal and fiduciary activities of the company. The liability of members is limited to £20.00.

 We hope you will consider becoming a SETA Trustee, and if you would like further information on how to do this, or on any of the services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us.


Engineering Apprenticeships

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Engineering Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification, whilst being in employment.

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SETA help you recruit the right person to choosing the appropriate qualifications and supporting you throughout the Apprenticeship.

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Industry Training Courses

Wide Range of Courses

SETA offer a wide range of courses for industry including adult courses. Find out how we can help you by following the link below.

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